Invited speakers

Attila Horváth-Sziklai
Director of the Hungarian Chamber of Pharmacists
Session: Multi-morbidity and the evolving challenge of polypharmacy

Aukje Mantel-Teuwisse
Utrecht University, Netherlands
Session: Challenges for Drug and Health Policy
Title: “The cost of new drugs vs. safe and secure procurement of established medicines: a precarious balance for social health care systems”
Barbara Mostacci
IRCCS Institute of the Neurological Sciences of Bologna, Italy
Session: Drug utilisation in pregnancy and paediatrics



Bernard Vrijens
Ghent University, Belgium
Title: tbc

Brian Godman
University of Strathclyde, UK
Session: Cancer & biologicals
Title: “Initiatives across countries to optimise available resources for patients with cancer including greater use of biosimilars and real world data” (30 min)

Bruce Guthrie
University of Edinburgh, UK
Session / Title: Medicines use in old age: Drivers of polypharmacy and quantification of the problem  - “Polypharmacy and (potential) inappropriate medicine use as indicators of the quality of prescribing in old age”;
Session / Title: Multi-morbidity and the evolving challenge of polypharmacy - “Improving the life of elderly people living with multimorbidity – how to deal with polypharmacy in practice”

Claudia Osorio de Castro
Rio De Janeiro University, Brazil
Title: tbc

Dominique L. Monnet
European center for Disease Prevention and Control, Stockholm, Sweden
Session: Combating antibacterial resistance – a One Health approach
Title: ”European burden of antimicrobial resistance and its relationship to antimicrobial use”

Esmita Charani
Imperial College, London
Session: Combating antibacterial resistance – a One Health approach. Title: “Effective interventions improving and changing care”
Session: Antimicrobial stewardship interventions. Title: ““Policies aiming at confining antibacterial resistance”

Hege Salvesen Blix
WHO Collaborating Centre for Drug Statistics Methodology, department of Drug Statistics, Norwegian Institute of Public Health
Session: Basic methodology – Classification systems and measurement units in Drug Utilisation Research with a focus on the ATC-DDD system

Helga Gardarsdottir
Utrecht University, Netherlands
Session: Improving the accuracy of medication adherence assessment
Judit Bidló
National Health Insurance Fund, Hungary
Session: Innovative medicines – opportunities and challenges
“Policy adoption across borders – Hungarian national speaker from an HTA perspective”
Katharina Schmidt-Mende
Primary care, Stockholm, Sweden
Session: Elderly patients – the clinical perspective on polypharmacy
Li-Chia Chen
Division of Pharmacy and Optometry at the University of Manchester
Session: Opioid-use and risk of opioid-related harm
: “Applying drug utilization research to tackle the challenges of optimizing opioid utilization and chronic pain management”

Luciane Cruz Lopez
WHO and Ministry of Health, Brasil
Session: Challenges for cross-national comparison research
Title: Limitations to perform CNC studies: the example of Latin America”


Margaret Watson
Strathclyde Institute of Pharmacy and Biomedical Sciences , Glasgow, Scotland
Session: Implementation of interventions
Title: “The Art and the Science of Implementation”

Mária Matuz
Clinical Pharmacy Department, University of Szeged, Hungary
Session: Basic statistical methods – Presenting, visualizing and interpreting drug utilization data using descriptive statistical methods
Marion Bennie
University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, Scotland 
Information Services Division, NHS National Services, Glasgow, Scotland 

Session: Policy applications of drug utilization research
Mikael Hoffmann
CEO of NEPI foundation, Sweden
Title: tbc
Miklós Szócska
Semmelweis University Health Services Management Training Centre, Budapest, Hungary
Session: Emerging capabilities to generate medicines intelligence data at scale
Title: “Opportunities offered by machine learning/artificial intelligence approaches applied to routine health and care data” 
Monique Elseviers
University of Antwerp, Belgium
Session: The re-rewarding of primary data collection and field research
Title: "Creative methodologies of primary data collection and field research in resource-restricted settings: examples, opportunities and limitations”

Peter Mol
University Medical Center Groningen, Netherlands

Title: tbc

Tanja Mueller
University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, Scotland 
Session: Basic statistical methods – Presenting, visualizing and interpreting drug utilization data using descriptive statistical methods
Session: Early-career researcher event

Yared Santa-Ana-Téllez
Foundation for the Promotion of Health and Biomedical reserch of Valencia, Spain
Session: Advanced statistical methods – Temporal analyses

Title: Interrupted Time Series Analysis

Ylva Böttiger
Department of Biomedical and Clinical Sciences, Linköping University, Sweden
Wade Thompson
University of Southern Denmark.
Session: Policies on deprescribing – an international view
Title: tbc